Helmet rebuild

Picked this gem from 1978 up at Chopperfest for $30! Problem is the inside was rotten. :( 

Here's how I fixed the old girl up........

First Pull out the Styrofoam shell
Then trace some 1/2 foam to match the shell and wrap it in fabric. I used a favorite old t-shirt

Then make a liner for the top. I used the logo from my favorite T. I wrapped it in foam first but you probly want to just glue it to the shell because it will sit too high on your head! Then glue in your liner around the edges then pull it tight over the shell. Pop that puppy back in the helmet and your stylin old school!


Reagan Library Bike Show!....




Bike by Falcon Motorcycles...

Stolen by no talent Hack...

You can tell it's not his cause it looks good and there aren't any stupid spiderwebs on it!



The DT1 250  is as finished as I'm gonna take her! She's up and runnin, makin lotsa noise, blowin 2 stroke smoke, and Buggin the neighbors!...



The DT1 250 under going it's tranformation..I swear to god this isn't a wreck salvage!

Does anybody remember these stickers?!

The patient

Forks awaiting rebuild..