Seat How To.....

Fiberglass seat pan: This is how I make my seats, be it right or not, I dunno.....First I make a form bigger than the seat itself by stretching duct tape (not the kind made out of ducks!) over the frame. Then I apply the fiberglass while inserting bolts through the form into hole I drilled into the frame....

Then when its dry I cut it down to the desired size

Then I apply foam to the pan and cut it down to the basic shape I'm looking for

Then I take a sanding disc and shape and smooth the seat to the desired shape. After I'm satisfied I run it over to my Upholstery guy with a drawing of what I want and he hooks me up!..

Thanks to Alan at Conejo Upholstery for always hooking me up!:
                 Conejo Upholstery

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